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NFL Offseason moves (in my eyes)

Posted on: February 21, 2009 6:10 am

I originally posted most of this on the message board on February 5th, 2009.  I am re-posting it on my blog for my own reference as the offseason progresses.


-Kansas City will sign Darren Sproles in hopes of him being the 2009 Michael Turner .  LT will remain loyal to San Diego the way Barry Sanders did in Detroit.


-Terrell Owens will be released by Dallas and signed by Atlanta to form a triple threat that reminds fans of the Cowboys of the '90s.


-Anquan Boldin, unhappy with the offensive coordinator in Arizona, takes T.O.'s roster spot in Dallas pushing Roy E. Williams back to #3


-Correll Buckhalter will sign with Cincinnati and have a breakout 1st half before falling victim to knee injury.


-Reacting on their second chance, "we'll love you" policy, the Dolphins will trade for Mike Vick to make up to fans for signing Marcus Vick in the past.


-Kurt Warner will be back in Arizona... Arizona will be back at "just missed the playoffs"


-Matt Cassel will go to the Jets after Brett Favre cries at his latest press conference.  Favre will later try to sign with Detroit & Minnesota before finally deciding to join the NFL Network as "Madden's biggest fan"


-Nnamdi Asomugha will resign with the Raiders , but Al Davis will still find a way to build a loser.


-Larry Johnson will leave Kansas City after the Sproles signing only to find out that the only teams interested in him are Cleveland, Detroit, and the UFA.


-Emmitt Smith will remain as the "what-the-hell-did-he-say" guy on ESPN, and we will all laugh at his newly created words.


-Madden 2010 will come out in August and I will destroy my controller after throwing 5 interceptions and blowing a 20 point lead online in the 4th quarter.  (it has already happened to me this year)


That's about all I see happening this offseason, not including players re-signing with their own teams.  I hope you all enjoyed this.


**2/21/2009 update* Asomugha has resigned with the Raiders, time for Al Davis to live up to his end of the deal.

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